Basketball gamblers have the opportunity to wager on the unsung heroes of the court with NBA Sixth Man

Basketball gamblers have the opportunity to wager on the unsung heroes of the court with NBA Sixth Man of the Year odds.

With Klay Thompson’s return, Jordan Poole was banished to the bench, but this sets him up to burn second units and maybe receive even more looks. As a consequence, he is the preseason favorite for Sixth Man of the Year.

Sixth men play a critical role in the success of an NBA squad, especially given the waves of absences that have plagued the league in previous seasons. While these players seldom get top billing or as much attention as honors like the NBA MVP chances

Despite the fact that Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro dominated the field last year, with 96 out of 100 first-place votes, there is a new preseason favorite for 2022–23.

Here are the odds for the Sixth Man of the Year heading into the season.

NBA Sixth Man of the Year odds

*Player**Odds to win Sixth Man of the Year*
Jordan Poole+450
Tyler Herro+500
Christian Woof+1,000
Malcolm Brogdon+1,200
Bones Hyland+1,400
Spencer Dinwiddie+2,000
Kevin Love+2,500
Anfernee Simons+2,500
Jordan Clarkson+2,500
Cameron Johnson+2,500
Norman Powell+3,000
Caris LeVert+3,000
Bogdan Bogdanovic+3,000
Bobby Portis+3,000
Kelly Oubre Jr.+3,500
Immanuel Quickley+4,000
Davion Mitchell+4,000
Brandon Clarke+4,000

As of September 27, 2022, odds provided by OKBET Sportsbook.

Favorite to succeed Year’s Sixth Man in the NBA

Jordan Poole | +450

After just winning the NBA Championship, Klay Thompson’s return following a lengthy layoff caused Jordan Poole’s rise from the G-League to Splash Stepbrother to take a small detour.

While Poole performed well as a starter with Thompson out, he will be doing pure microwave scoring off the bench, which is sometimes the ideal formula for success with Sixth Man voting.

Poole, who is still just 23 years old, has room to develop more, particularly on defense, and become an even more vital bench player for Golden State’s championship defense.

Tyler Herro | +500

Given that Tyler Herro dominated this race from start to finish last season and finished as a -20,000 favorite, it’s a little surprising that he’s not at the top of the betting board this now.

Herro put up a bench scoring performance that has only been exceeded once in the last 15 years, blowing past a weak field in which no other candidates made strong season-long arguments.

While the competition should be tougher this season, Herro has a fresh start with Miami’s second unit and various paths to gain minutes. He finished last season on a high note and might potentially outperform his outstanding 6MOY performance if he maintains his current pace.

Christian Wood | +1,000

The Mavericks seem to be set on allowing Christian Wood to ride on second units, declaring on media day that he will be coming off the bench. As a consequence, his Sixth Man odds have risen to +3,000 from +3,000 last week.

Last season, Wood averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds in only 30 minutes per game as a starter for the Rockets, and he will most likely be used as a primary offensive option in non-Luka Doncic minutes.

Although Wood’s brilliance is undeniable, commitment concerns have plagued him throughout his career and were not entirely resolved in Houston. This will be his first genuine tour with a competitive organization, and he intends to establish himself as more than just a “good numbers, lousy team” kind of player.

Understanding Sixth Man of the Year Odds in the NBA

The majority of bookmakers will provide odds using the above-listed American style. We’ll use the 2019–20 Rookie of the Year competition as an illustration:

Ja Morant had been a heavy favorite throughout the season, and his odds featured a negative (-) symbol in front of the number:

-500 Ja Morant
This implies that a bettor must stake $500 in order to win $100. The number in front of other candidates with poorer probabilities would have a plus (+) symbol. Early in the season, before a clear favorite has been identified, the following betting possibilities will be available:

+650 Zion Williamson
For every $100 placed, a bettor may expect to win $650 in this situation.

If you prefer fractional or decimal odds over American odds, then use our odds converter to convert the odds. The majority of online sportsbooks also provide you the choice to modify the format of the odds that you view.

It’s important to note that the Sixth Man Award currently despises large guys. There have only been two non-guards to win the award since Antawn Jamison earned it in 2003–04 while playing out of position as a small forward for the Dallas Mavericks (Lamar Odom, 2011, and Montrezl Harrell, 20). Wanna try and get some experience? You can go to OKBET.

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History of the NBA Sixth Man of the Year

YearNBA 6MOY Winner
2021-22Tyler Herro
2020-21Jordan Clarkson
2019-20Montrezl Harrell
2018-19Lou Williams
2017-18Lou Williams
2016-17Eric Gordon
2015-16Jamal Crawford
2014-15Lou Williams
2013-14Jamal Crawford
2012-13J.R. Smith
2011-12James Harden
2010-11Lamar Odom
2009-10Jamal Crawford
2008-09Jason Terry
2007-08Manu Ginobili
2006-07Leandro Barbosa
2005-06Mike Miller
2004-05Ben Gordon
2003-04Antawn Jamison
2002-03Bobby Jackson
2001-02Corliss Williamson
2000-01Aaron Mckie

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