“What is your connection with Kylian?” a reporter asked. “I don’t understand,” the 30-year-old assailant said. What is your current connection with Mbappé, I asked again. Neymar brushed off the subject with a frustrated-appearing “Pfft, I don’t want to respond,” and then left the mixed area quickly.

After Brazil’s 3-0 victory over Ghana during the international break, PSG star Neymar avoided inquiries about the condition of his relationship with fellow Paris striker Kylian by speaking in the mixed zone.

Mbappé Says

Meantime, Kylian gently said earlier this month of their present understanding: “We have always had a relationship built on respect, although there have been hotter and colder periods. As you can see, there are times when we are the world’s greatest friends and others when we don’t talk as much. There is a lot of respect, but it’s just the way our relationship is.

In August, PSG began to experience signs of a second “penaltygate,” as Mbappé and Neymar seemed to be at odds in Neymar’s liked tweets in response to allegations that Mbappé had requested that Neymar be transferred during the transfer season.

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