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In just his second season in the NHL, Anthony Edwards helped lead the Wolves to the playoffs. Discover why Minny has even more potential this season, on NBA Most Improved Player chances he presently tops.

Player growth and skill development may follow many different trajectories in a sport as dynamic as basketball, where each player can have a huge effect on a game in myriad different ways.

By awarding the Most Improved Player trophy to the player who has improved the most, the NBA recognizes individuals who have actually put in the effort throughout the summer.

Anthony Edwards, a guard with the Minnesota Timberwolves, is the early favorite to win this award in the preseason, which is often a combination of talent and opportunity.

NBA Most Improved Player odds

*Player**Odds to win Most Improved*
Anthony Edwards+1,000
Tyrese Haliburton+1,200
Jalen Brunson+1,600
Zion Williamson+1,600
Cade Cunningham+2,000
RJ Barrett+2,000
Anfernee Simons+2,200
Shai-Gilgeous Alexander+2,500
Tyrese Maxey+2,500
LaMelo Ball+2,500
Jordan Poole+2,800
Deandre Ayton+3,000
Jalen Green+3,000
Keldon Johnson+3,000
Collin Sexton+3,000
Scottie Barnes+3,000

As of September 27, 2022, odds provided by OKbet Sportsbook


Favored to succeed Most Improved NBA Player

Anthony Edwards | +1,000

This kid can ball; his recent appearance in “Hustle” wasn’t an exaggeration.

One of the NBA’s current players with the most potential is Anthony Edwards. He was a borderline All-Star for the young Timberwolves last season, showing off a very uncommon scoring touch and the kind of limitless athleticism that makes you believe he can do anything.

Ant was Minnesota’s greatest player in its first playoff campaign with this core and immediately instills dread in the hearts of opposing defenders. It’s also important to remember that he turned 21 in August.

Edwards will be in perhaps even better settings to support what seems to be a breakthrough season for him ahead with Rudy Gobert now strengthening the interior on defense and generating pull in the pick & roll on the other end.

Tyrese Haliburton | +1,200

Tyrese Haliburton has a strong case for MIP. He’s an obviously gifted young man with a wide skill set and a high IQ who was severely hampered by his circumstances in Sacramento, both in terms of his chance and the tire-fire organizational culture. With a change of atmosphere in Indiana, he excelled, increasing his overall averages to 17.5 points and 9.6 assists per game on a.629 true shooting %.

Indiana is now in a possible rebuilding position, and everyone save Haliburton (who they traded All-Star Domantas Sabonis for only months ago) might be moved away. Malcolm Brogdon, the one thing standing in Tyrese’s way of becoming this team’s undisputed offensive initiator, has already left.

After the trade deadline on December 15, this squad might look quite different, and a player who seemed on the verge of breaking out late last season could have a whole year to grow in highly stat-paddy conditions. Don’t underestimate the effect a full season under offensive mastermind Rick Carlisle will have on Haliburton’s game.

Jalen Brunson, Zion Williamson | +1,600

Few players’ standing rose as dramatically last season as Jalen Brunson’s, who at the midway point of the season was still playing off the bench for Dallas and has since been given $100 million (granted, by the Knicks, but still).

For the Mavs, Brunson established himself as a cunning and effective facilitator and halfcourt scorer. He will have even more chances to do so in the Mecca. After a season in which they were essentially in reverse, the Knicks will be heavily relying on their new addition.

Zion (Williamson), who (somehow) is one of the favorites for this award but is already a household name, missed the all of last season due to a foot injury and is now at a crossroads in his career. It’s uncertain how much higher his worth can rise given that when he was last healthy (2020–21), he was considered for All–NBA honors and had one of the most productive scoring seasons in league history.

Knowing the chances for the NBA’s Most Improved Player

The majority of bookmakers will provide odds using the above-listed American style. We’ll use the 2019–20 Rookie of the Year competition as an illustration:

Ja Morant had been a heavy favorite throughout the season, and his odds featured a negative (-) symbol in front of the number:

-500 Ja Morant
This implies that a bettor must stake $500 in order to win $100. The number in front of other candidates with poorer probabilities would have a plus (+) symbol. Early in the season, before a clear favorite has been identified, the following betting possibilities will be available:

+650 Zion Williamson
For every $100 placed, a bettor may expect to win $650 in this situation.

If you prefer fractional or decimal odds over American odds, then use our odds converter to convert the odds. The majority of online sportsbooks also provide you the choice to modify the format of the odds that you view.

History of NBA Most Improved Players

YearNBA Most Improved Winner
2021-22Ja Morant
2020-21Julius Randle
2019-20Brandon Ingram
2018-19Pascal Siakam
2017-18Victor Oladipo
2016-17Giannis Antetokounmpo
2015-16CJ McCollum
2014-15Jimmy Butler
2013-14Goran Dragic
2012-13Paul George
2011-12Ryan Anderson
2010-11Kevin Love
2009-10Aaron Brooks
2008-09Danny Granger
2007-08Hedo Turkoglu
2006-07Monta Ellis
2005-06Boris Diaw
2004-05Bobby Simmons
2003-04Zach Randolph
2002-03Gilbert Arenas
2001-02Jermaine O’Neal
2000-01Tracy McGrady

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