Nathan Grey, a coach for high-performance national programs, wants to mentor the next potential as they apply the “Gold Man Program.”

In Canberra, Grey and the Australian Schools and U18s team’s head coach Shannon Fraser are keeping an eye on the team as they get ready to face an invitational U19 Barbarians team on Sunday.

Due to COVID, the program is constrained in terms of game time, thus they are utilizing the week-long camp to assist players in smoothly transitioning into professional programs.

Grey as Gold Man

Grey described the Gold Man program as “a player development program that we’ve built at RA around providing young athletes with the abilities to be Wallabies on and off the field.”

Many of those activities have nothing to do with football, but we are giving them the mental tools they need to perform at a high level and navigate the complexities that come with it.

Grey is the ideal candidate to take the initiative since he is well aware of what it takes to be successful as a player and a coach.

He joined the Waratahs organization in 1997, just as the benefits of professionalism were beginning to bear fruit. He finally made it into two World Cup teams, including the 1999 Final, when grey came off the bench.

The 35-cap Wallaby then worked as the national team’s defensive coach before switching to the pathway programs as the Junior Wallabies head coach.

Grey, who has a distinct perspective on the game, emphasized the value of off-the-field components of the game as being essential to encouraging the development of emerging talent and creating a new generation of Wallabies.

I would have a strong chat with myself as a young player if I knew what I know now, he added with a chuckle. “Being a player moving into coaching, you get that double viewpoint.

“That’s part of growing up and evolving, obviously in terms of preparation, what I would’ve done differently as a young gun, but also some things I did that I didn’t have an idea of and dealing with the challenges of a young player transitioning into professionally,” the author said.

“Many of those things might be as easy as learning how to cook effectively for yourself. Those young people need to understand that, and the mental attitude to that is vital for growth. When you train hard, you might take for granted knowing how to refuel and how to recuperate.

“That’s something that’s incredibly crucial for their growth both as football players and as young men. We want to make sure they are ready to succeed. We want to have every advantage possible, both on and off the field, to be a successful and successful Wallaby.

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